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Mens Techwear JacketMens Techwear Jacket
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black asian techwear kimono from techwear shop: Karanage streetwearwomen wearing a modern kimono with a black techwear hat
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man wearing combat boots techwear with a military cargo pants and an army bomber coattechwear combat boots to match with military warcore outfit
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Black streetwear jacket with waterproof materialMan wearing a long streetwear jacket
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Outerwear layers fit for purpose with two core technical focuses: to stand up against all environmental elements and allow for effortless movement.

Hardshells provide the highest level of environmental protection with enhanced properties that shield you against all types of weather conditions.

Softshells achieve a light and flexible fit with thin to medium layered jackets. Softshells feature waterproof coating and durable fabric that repels light precipitation and moderate environmental elements. Enjoy a full range of motion, superb breathability, and agility with softshells light construction.

Take your pick of hardshell and softshell jackets to complete your techwear aesthetic.

Cyberpunk TECHWEAR

Techwear accessories

Karnage Streetwear (KRNG) is the first techwear brand to shop high quality and affordable Darkwear, Lunarcore, Warcore, Lunarcore and Techwear Goth and Cyberpunk outfits...

We’re renowned for our unique and original techwear clothing collections that draw inspiration from Fashion Japanese streetwear culture and sci-fiction design. By combining futuristic aesthetic with functionality, we’re able to take comfort to a whole new level with technologically advanced textiles and fabrics that flow seamlessly with your every movement.

Our mission is to craft original techwear designs that appeal to Japanese culture enthusiasts, cyberpunk admirers, and streetwear fashion lovers.

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Futuristic Japanese-Inspired Aesthetic

Our techwear apparel is a futuristic take on traditional Japanese fashion with a strong utilitarian approach that you won’t find anywhere else.

Pairing sleek, monochrome, and modern designs with technical features inspired by military clothing, futuristic sci-fi fiction, and streetwear culture, we’re able to create the perfect look, feel, and purpose.

A New Form Of Functionality: Designed For Performance

With technological advancements reshaping fashion, techwear has introduced a new element when it comes to apparel design: performance.Comfort, performance, agility, and breathability are at the forefront of techwear innovation.

Our techwear collection is designed to never limit your range of motion with restrictive patterns and layers, but to allow you to move with ease and complement your physical abilities.

Techwear’s ergonomic and technical design focuses on utilizing breathable fabrics that let moisture filter efficiently, while constructing a design that’s fit for full movement potential, without limits.


Techwear seeks to create highly functional urban apparel with cutting-edge construction, specialized fabrics, and advanced storage properties.

The aim of techwear is to enhance everyday life with apparel that stands up against all elements. Enjoy cotton blends and unique materials that include an array of enhanced features:

  • Durable Water Repellency
  • Windproof- UV Protection
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Abrasion Protection
  • Breathable
  • Stretchable


When you think functionality, you think convenience - and with techwear’s advanced pocket construction, that’s exactly what you get. Packed with secret compartments, tactical pouches, and zipper pockets, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to carrying your belongings with you.

Its clever design ensures your carrying capacity is evenly proportioned across your garment so you never feel weighed down.

So gear up and stay light with functional garments that are made for the future.

You will find on this Techwear store the best clothes collection as for instance :

Techwear Pants

Techwear pants are a must-have item to strengthen your techwear aesthetic.

Featuring moisture-wicking and water-repellent fabric for superior air permeability and fast drying capabilities, techwear pants deliver a loose, light, and stretchable feel that’s essential to functionality.

With a strong emphasis on a deep and vast pocket construction, our techwear pants not only appeal to alternative fashion enthusiasts for their urban style, but also for their convenience.

Shop our range of techwear pants.


Techwear shoes incorporate forward-thinking designs with advanced technology that allow for all-day comfort and superior performance.

From running shoes to futuristic sneakers and cyberpunk boots, look the part while keeping protected from all harsh terrains.

You will find everything in our techwear shoes collection, from superior cushioning, moisture-wicking fabric, non-slip traction rubber outsoles, and shock absorption that’s ideal for everyday wear.


Our base layer techwear shirts are crafted for everyday wear with an effortless feel.

The construction emphasizes moisture dissolving capabilities to provide a lightweight, breathable, and stretchy feel. Move with freedom with durable fabric that follows your every move.

Discover our techwear shirt collection.


Acting as a mid-layer for maintaining warmth underneath the outerwear layer, our sleek hoodies and tactical vests also improve carrying capacity with added compartments.

Our range features high-quality fabric that delivers remarkable storage and insulation across all seasons. View our collection of techwear Hoodies Vests