Comfort, performance, convenience and practicality best describe techwear. In other words, it's the look of everyday life. But techwear is mostly reserved for people who dare to assume and show themselves as they really are. And that's why I was immediately seduced by this style of clothing and wanted to launch my own collection?

Streetwear and Japanese fashion: functional techwear

Streetwear is already my favorite. But when I discovered techwear, I was immediately dazzled. I was extremely impressed by the geeky and futuristic style of these clothes. And with the way they look like they're straight out of a sci-fi movie, I just wanted to start my own techwear collection. The idea is to combine the practicality and comfort of streetwear with the revolutionary and futuristic design of techwear. Being a big fan of Scarlxrd, I wanted to follow his path and popularize techwear all over the United States. I wanted my creations to be original and to meet the needs of everyone, whether it be in terms of comfort, style, aesthetics and quality.

But I am also a big fan of Japanese fashion. So, in order to offer my customers unique clothes that are completely out of the ordinary, I added a little Japanese note that is as remarkable as it is original on my entire collection. The idea is to satisfy both Japanese culture lovers and techwear or streetwear lovers.

The universe of my techwear clothes

Technological and technical innovations have allowed the evolution of fashion and clothing. And they are indeed at the center of my creative considerations. A few years ago, I came across a video presenting Acronym products. Me, being a fan of quality, I greatly value the originality of these clothes, by the materials used and by their design. So I decided to create techwear clothes that honor innovative technologies, while remaining in the comfort and Japanese style. They are especially intended for the public who is particularly interested in the practical aspect of clothing. Today, technologies bring a certain added value to products. And I work to bring forward the latest innovations.

Like all trends, I wanted to embody a particular design represented by the futuristic aspect of techwear, its utilitarian appearance and its assertive style. Much more than a simple question of appearance, I wanted technology to be at the center of my stakes in the design of my techwear. Indeed, for me, it is the perfect tool to create sustainable clothing.

Technological advances in fashion

Techwear has become widely popular. And people adopting this style are now very numerous. From the beginning, I wanted to launch an original collection that advocated innovation and comfort. I was working hard to design unique products. The launch of my collection was a real challenge. I wanted my wildest ideas to come to life with a functional and revolutionary approach to clothing.

Today, more than ever, technological innovations play an important role in the design of clothing. At a time when the fashion world is spinning at high speed, I wanted to gradually return to giving more value to the durability and practicality of clothing.There are many reasons for this interest in practicality. I wanted to emphasize the functional side of the pieces. Everyone needs clothing that protects them from the elements and optimizes their physical abilities. So I wanted to inject more technical aspects to such ordinary clothes as jackets and pants.