Japanese Techwear: aesthetic, fashion outfit, history

Japanese techwear worn by a man with a techwear jacket and a techwear pant

In the land of the rising sun, the field of fashion is constantly evolving. As time goes by, new trends appear in this sparkling fashion country.

One of the most recent is Techwear. This style shows aestheticism. Discover in this article the history, the origin and the fashion trend of Japan Techwear.

Techwear is a category of clothing made with special fabrics and advanced technologies. These are techniques for making clothes that go beyond the traditional


A man with techwear Japan outfit in the middle of Shibuya streetCredit : @fatal.instinct

A style derived from streetwear, Techwear appeared about fifty years ago. By virtue of the presence of the expression ''Tech'' in its writing, this style is more technical.

This technical aspect translates into the use of more innovative and futuristic methods of manufacturing, but also very synthetic materials. The DNA of Japanese military equipment such as the rangers and trellis is its main source. One of the pioneers of this style is Massimo Otsi.

You will find different techwear fashion style such as: cyberpunk, darkwear, urban ninja, or warcore for instance. They have in common the black color techwear aesthetic.


urban ninja girl with black techwear outfitCredit : @ninja.vi

The beginnings of techwear date back to the 70s. This clothing is intended for mountaineers to protect them from the cold. To achieve this, the fabrics used to manufacture these events are coated. Since this style emphasizes technology, textile techniques have been developed for this purpose.

One of the textile techniques developed for this style is Gore-Tex. However, this technique is not only used for Techwear today, but is now found in many garments. The techwear look has grown and is no longer just for mountaineers. It later extends to workers in order to adapt their clothes to their conditions.


Man wearing a black Japanese Techwear outfit

Indeed, the techwear style is used from various angles. It can also vary from one activity to another. There are several techwear fashion trends that are currently in vogue. The most common is Japanese techwear. With these classic designs, it can be worn on a daily basis. Techwear clothing is well compatible with sneakers. Adidas and Nike are the best ones to combine with Japanese techwear.

Indeed, although it appeared a long time ago, the techwear style despite its age reflects by its vision a new world. Its technological advances are proof that innovations are still to come in this field. It is one of the styles that gave Japanese fashion an international reputation.

Man wearing harajuku techwear vest and a hat

Security guards, couriers and law enforcement officers began to favor clothing made from technical materials, with a practical and functional design. But it is only in the 90's that the technical clothes became the prerogative of the cool thanks to the democratization of the outdoor sports brands among the public.

As time went by, the big brands whose techwear was not the heart of production also started to put technology at the center of their creations, seeking to iconize their popular pieces like jackets or sneakers. This aesthetic can be found in brands such as Acronym, Stone Island, Nike, Ralph Lauren or Adidas.


techwear ninja woman with a katana, a black cargo pant and a hatCredit : @ninja.vi

However, despite the popularity of techwear in the West, the style is discrete in the land of the rising sun. It will be around 2000, with its adoption by the cosplay community and otaku that the style will know an incredible jump in popularity in Japan. As always, the Japanese give this style a more modern and visionary touch. Today, the technical pieces have become very popular because they are worn by very popular artists and idols : Scarlxrd, Kayne West

Moreover, currently, many Japanese brands are surfing on this trend and offering iconic creations dedicated exclusively to this style. Many Japanese brands have made a name for themselves in the techwear world. To mention only Visvim, Nanamica, nonnative or Undercover. In footwear, we cite the famous brands Asics and Mizuno.