Warcore: techwear outfits and military clothing

warcore is a techwear outfit focus on military clothing ans streetwear style

At a time when global crises and tensions make the world an uncertain place, the fashion scene responds: Warcore.

Warcore describes a fashion style that draws heavily on militaristic outfit. These include bulletproof vests, harnesses and assault masks.

Tiktok addict may have already discovered this techwear style.


What is warcore? Two mens wearing warcore clothing with military fashion style

Warcore is a subculture of the streetwear style. Techwear brands include elements of techwear and darkwear. But in the case of techwear, it's more about the functionality of the clothing. We're thinking of cargo shorts with lots of pockets that offer a lot of freedom of movement


a man and a girls wear warcore clothing with black techwear cap, chest rig and military cargo pants

And for darkwear, it's more about monochromatic looks in black, which also use avant-garde elements:

Cyberpunk is also an aesthetic that plays into the warcore look: Here too, clothes with lots of pockets, buckles and chains are in order...

What sets warcore looks apart from other styles are the militaristic elements that make those who wear them look like they're right there in "Call of Duty" or the post-apocalypse of "Mad Max."


Four men wear warcore outfits with black tactical vest, techwear vest and military boots

 The fact that tactical and militaristic elements are creeping into fashion is nothing new. Bombers and aviator glasses have become fashion basics today, but were once part of the attire of American military pilots.

The balaklava, currently in vogue, is also an accessory with militaristic connotations: this headgear was first worn by British soldiers during the Crimean War to protect themselves from the cold. Later, it was also part of the uniforms of other elite military units.

Warcore takes it a step further: for the techwear outfits, elements like body armor or even guns and katana swords...


two girls wear a warcore style. Techwear outfits inspired by tactical military fashion

Clearly, a look like this also draws questioning looks. "When I go into a store, the whole store is sometimes silent, people get nervous. Especially when I go to the register to pay,"Tyler, who posts his Warcore looks on Tiktok under the name Trxtn.x, tells "Vice." "When I approach a large group of people, sometimes they take their kids by the hand or walk away," he adds. By his own account, he also goes to school in full warcore gear. 

At a time when, especially in the U.S., school shootings and killings are on the rise, it's understandable that the warcore look can also instill fear on a daily basis. In this case, as with so many other looks, it also depends on the environment: For opening a new account at the bank, the Warcore look is probably suboptimal, while at a techno rave, the outfit appears in a completely different context.


american rapper like the best online warcore shop for military and techwear outfits

The shock factor attracts stars... With a trend that has such potential shock value, it's not too surprising that Kanye West is also taking to the runway: the rapper has been photographed several times in balaklavas. For his listening party for his album "Donda", Ye added a layer by appearing with a mask and a bulletproof vest "Donda" :

American rapper Zillakami also recently showed up like this on Instagram :


two girls wearing black warcore clothing womens. Techwear aesthetic inspired by military fashion

Warcore elements are also increasingly visible on the catwalks: the luxury brand Vetements flirts from time to time with pieces in this style:

The runway show of American designer Rick Owens, known for his dark aesthetic, also features warcore influences. For example in the form of XXL combat boots:

We've seen warcore clothing in fashion shows in the past. For its fall-winter 2018 show, Prada presented harnessed breastplates:

At the time, "Vogue" wondered if "warcore will replace normcore?" The author also cited Austrian designer Helmut Lang's warcore-inspired runway show. In 2003, he presented it "to help his army of followers stay upright in the face of geopolitical collapse."

Years later, the situation in the world does not seem to have relaxed, quite the contrary. We can only hope that this remains just a fashionable dystopia.


Warcore Tactical Vest

military tactical vest for warcore outfit

The tactical vest is an essential part of a complete Warcore outfit. The Warcore vest is inspired by the army's bulletproof vests. But it is much lighter because it does not have the protective plates. This type of vest is also used by airsoft players. It contains a lot of pockets.

Military Warcore Vest

Chooses a black warcore vest for a techwear military outfit. Coat with multiple pockets.

Wear a Splinter Night camouflage jacket for an urban military look. Or wear a Pancho for a warcore outfit when it rains. The Warcore jacket is a perfect technical outfit to finish off your urban style. An oversized fit is ideal if you wear a vest underneath.

Warcore Cargo Pants

These military pants have multiple pockets and can be worn with boots. The large pockets are very practical to put accessories. Materials for this style of techwear pants are cotton, canvas, denim or wool flannel. A black pant is easier to wear. It will match the rest of your outfit. However you can also wear camouflage pants with the same design as your army jacket.

Warcore hoodie

Warcore hoodie is the best product for a warcore fashion style


Black military hoodie is perfect for a warcore outfits. Wear it with black cargo pants and techwear boots!

Warcore Boots

Complete a techwear military style with black warcore boots inspired by soldiers outfits

Black boots are perfect for a warcore look. For men, choose black shoes, inspired by ranger boots. For women, choose high boots or platform boots. Warcore boots are functional and perfect for an apocalyptic, survivalist look.

Tactical Gloves

choose warcore gloves if you like military techwear outfits and tactical accessories

Warcore gloves can be worn year-round. They enhance the grip of a dummy weapon or cosplay katana.

Warcore helmet

Warcore helmet is inspired by military fashion clothing and techwear outfits

In techwear fashion, influencers hide their faces with a gas mask or half face mask. It's a styling effect that creates mystery about their personality. For a futuristic Warcore style, wear a cyberpunk mask with a Warcore uniform

Warcore Hats

Several options here:

  • a black cap
  • a black balaclava
  • a bonnie
  • or a beret

This is the finishing touch to your warcore clothing!

Check the images below for inspiration if you like warcore outfits

A man wears warcore fashion clothings with a cyberpunk mask, tactical vest and cargo pants with pockets

A woman wear tactical warcore bands with a military hat, techwear hoodie, and military women boots

Where to buy warcore clothing if you like techwear style.

A man wearing black style warcore outfits made with black cargo pants, black techwear boots and a military coat

A man wearing warcore accessories as a tactical vest, cargo pants and a black chest rig.Please DM us for mention image