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Both compartments change in length and girth, so you may put your primary radio on either side. Adjustable shoulder straps, appropriate for both men and women. The tactical vest's adjustable shoulder and side straps allow you to customize it to your specific demands, giving you complete freedom of movement. The belt is also adjustable and removable, so no matter how big or little you are, our tactical vest may be tailored to fit your needs.

This bulletproof vest techwear is used by many individuals for survival, hiking, bicycling, work, school, camping, fishing, traveling, gift ideas, and leisure purposes.

  • It may be easily re-configured and is entirely adaptable to accommodate most adult body types (S-XXL).
  • The vest has velcro places on the front and back for attaching ID patches, as well as a strengthened rescue pull handle on the upper back
  • The fabric is light, soft, breathable, and absorbent.

Our goal is to supply you with high-quality daily clothing, including the greatest Bulletproof vest techwear.

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