Zipper Mouth Mask

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Zippered Mouth Mask is ideal for blocking the wind when playing the instrument outside and protecting your delicate skin. These Masks include zippers, so while you're playing instruments, all you have to do is unzip them instead of taking them off completely, giving you a more convenient experience.

These zippered face masks are constructed of high-quality material that is washable and reusable, has a soft feel, and will not cause friction on your face, giving you a pleasant wearing experience; This zipper mouth mask s comes in a set of three.

These unisex zipper mouth masks are unisex in color, stretchy and breathable, and one size fits most men and women. You may still drink water while wearing these unisex zipper covers, making them useful for travel, events, and exercise.

  • Dryer safe and machine washable. Fully reusable, easy to wash and clean with cold or warm water.
  • For streetwear, jogging, hiking, being outside, yoga, and more.
  • For men or ladies, this is a cool, entertaining design. To show off your unique style, wear a classic black mask. Zipper with a clean, simple design.

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