Thick Chain Choker

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Thick Chain Choker From the dawn of time, this chain Choker was crafted by genuine artists and craftsmen. Treat yourself or a loved one to a present from the United States of America with this chain necklace. It will be difficult to remain tarnished and gleaming for an extended period of time. 

These Cuban Choker have a chunky chain style that is complemented with a gleaming rhinestone or a sultry Leopard pattern. You will attract all men's attention when you wear it to a business party, dance party, wedding, club, night party, or dating. These Thick Chain Chokers shine in the sunlight thanks to their flawless craftsmanship; nickel-free and smooth to the touch. In low light, these necklaces appear to be gold, yet in bright light, they appear to be silver.

  •  Thick Chain Chokers have a high polished finish.
  • It may be worn as a short or long necklace and is completely adjustable.
  • Made of a high-grade metal with a silver-plated finish that resists denting and scratching.

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