TJ-210K Techwear Trench Coat

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The Trench Coat from Techwear is composed of high-quality polyester fabric, not plastic! Don't bother with the flimsy plastic-like fabric. It's light, eco-friendly, durable, and breathable.

Features: Portable and compact with a matching pouch / Front zippered pocket for ideal wallet and cellphone placement / Hooded pullover with buttons / Waterproof / Seams are heat-sealed and have an elastic drawstring.

Occasion: Long body / large hooded cap / foldable, suitable for both men and women for everyday use / walking / camping / hiking / trekking / travel / water park activities

Various Styles: The style can be used as a canopy and a picnic mat; the button style has a bound seam and is made of a softer, lighter fabric; and the zipper style is more trendy.

Our goal is to supply you with high-quality daily clothing, including the greatest Coat.

Please verify the size information before you buy to make sure your sizes are right.

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