Techwear Shoulder Bag

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The Techwear shoulder bag is a high-grade laptop travel messenger bag. It is incredibly long-lasting and aged well and creates a special bag of yours. The leather flap has double magnetic fasteners. The spacious main compartment can accommodate documents, basic items, laptops, or tablets and is complete with an ironing pocket. 

The rear outside pocket is open for convenient access to the goods that are often required. A thin leather messenger travel bag for a contemporary new look and function is well matched to Techwear. The Techwear shoulder bag, therefore, becomes slightly distinct and possesses its own distinctive features that age nicely with use.

  • The leather, which is typical, maybe felt for flaws.
  • It consists of 100 percent Colombian full-grain leather.
  • The best classic laptop messenger bag for hauling your laptop, iPad, lunch, and layers to class.

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