Techwear Backpack

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Backpack of Techwear Your quest is finished, if you are seeking a daily waist fanny pack usefulness! That's because the outside pockets, limited inside compartments, tactical molle webbing, and adjustable jacket straps of our product are minimal. You can keep your phones, wallets, smart devices and even tablets secure everywhere you go. 

The trouble with conventional bags is that they don't sit around the waist properly and when it is heavy, the belt bites into the skin. This is an issue that our product solves! Why? It is because our product includes a mesh coil for sweating and the pressure on the tail and back is equally dispersed. This allows you to move on and on.

  • When it's heavy, the techwear band dig in the skin.
  • This is  high-quality hand washing.
  • The Tecwear Backpack SIZES is our Oversize Fannie pouch bag.

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