SN-AAK Technical sneakers

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These lightweight Technical sneakers have a lug design that performs well on both hard and smooth or soft and loses ground, as well as Gore-Tex to keep your feet dry. Technical sneakers that assure a smooth ride on any and any terrain, whether you enjoy neighborhood road jogging, escaping to a nearby trail, or something more adventurous.

The sleek, lightweight OUTline GTX provides the flexibility of the technical sneakers with ample traction and protection for any path, whether you're trail running, hiking, or just exploring outside. Technical sneakers are gear for kids, men, and women to help you achieve a new distance, personal record, or event, whether you're into trail running, hiking, backpacking, or climbing.

  • Overlays to satisfy your vocation's requirements
  • You should always take caution on slick surfaces, especially if they are meant to assist avoid slips.
  • Breathable and soft on the skin.

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