Tactical Skull Mask

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Inside the mask, there are excellent rubber cushions for the forehead, nose, and cheeks, making it more fixable and cushioning. PC clear lenses may effectively protect the user's eyes by preventing sand from entering. Elastic straps allow you to adjust the head straps for comfort, ensuring that your airsoft masks stay in place even during the most intense games.

The tactical skull mask is ideal for masquerade parties, Halloween, cosplay, costume parties, cs games, war games, movie props, and other similar occasions. A wonderful present for kids, family, and friends..The mask's venting hole is designed to shield the face from foreign objects while allowing air to circulate.

  •  Mode of wearing an elastic headband.
  • The tactical helmet is attached to the mask through accessories.
  • The wearing mode may be adjusted to suit your needs, and it can even be used on its own.

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