Tactical Leg Bag

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Our drop bag is made of nylon and polyester fabric, high-quality glasses, adjustable straps, fast buckle releases, a few of you are fine and resistant to wear and use experience. Multi-pockets built to meet all of your everyday needs such as wallet, phone, etc. These are great military staff, campers, walkers, fishermen, outdoor people, students, etc. The straps are adjustable to both men and women, one for the tail and one for the leg. 

This drop leg bag may be used as a drop leg bag, thigh packaging, waste package, crossbody bag, and shoulder bag. For Christmas, New Year, There are wonderful presentations and Thanksgiving.

  • Essential outdoor or motorbike equipment pack.
  • Made with a thick and sturdy density The men's leg bag is made of nylon material that is resistant to rip for its long life.
  • This is high-quality hand washing.

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