Tactical Cargo Shorts

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Tactical Cargo Shorts Straight leg with a relaxed fit. At the waist, it sits nicely. Multiple pockets with snaps, zip closing. There are a variety of sizes to select from. Tactical Cargo Shorts are composed of a lightweight, soft, and breathable cloth that is perfect for everyday use or summer sports and outdoor enjoyment. The material used to make the Tactical Cargo Shorts is both comfortable and breathable. To create a distinctive and trendy cargo appearance, pair it with a vest, T-shirt, or shirt.

The pocket arrangement of the Tactical Cargo Shorts is ideal for carrying all of your needs in an orderly and discreet manner without jeopardizing your tactical edge.

  • Washed artwork, Hand/Machine Washing Available.
  • It's easy to pair with a T-shirt or a tank top.
  • Summer/Beach/Hiking/Outdoor Lifestyle Suit

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