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Streetwear Sneakers are low-profile with a trendy edge, and they look great with chino shorts in the summer. Lightweight, breathability, and shock absorption are provided by the sweat-absorbing upper and stretchy PU outsole, ensuring a dry and cool lifestyle. The reinforced heel counter keeps your feet steady and protects them from injury while you're moving, providing excellent support. 

Sneakers that are both water-resistant and dust-proof: Stitched with care A clean, cool, and dry shoe environment for your feet is provided by a multi-layer top that is water-resistant and dust-resistant. Streetwear Sneakers walking shoes look well with a variety of denim styles, including relaxed, slim, and thin jeans, chinos, and shorts.

  • The shaft measures around the high-top.
  • Rubber-soled streetwear sneakers.
  • High-quality streetwear sneakers with a high-end look.

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