Smile Face Mask

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Soft and breathable Suitable or pleasurable to breathe. This face-mouth mask is reusable and may be washed immediately. Reduce wasteful expenditures. The ear belt is silky and stretchy. Most facial forms are accommodated. Please keep in mind that these are not medical masks. Several diverse tooth designs are adorable and help you stand out.

You may use the tooth mask when shopping, bicycling, hiking, or climbing, for example. Safeguard your outdoor activities. When the face masks become soiled, they may be cleaned. The majority of dust, pollen, and grime may be washed out after washing with cold water and using a face mask frequently. The eyes on the masks are stretchable. Because most of them adjust, our elastic is just a few inches longer than others.

  • Super soft and breathable, moisture-wicking,
  • Composed of high-quality fabrics, 
  •  adjustable stoppers for ear loops.

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