Scarlxrd Goggles

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Scarlxrd Goggles are protected from your eyes by a metal mesh. The inside frame is made of a soft and pleasant material. Anti-fog, long-lasting, and helmet-compatible.A secure fit is provided by a low-profile design with a broad elastic strap.

Scarlxrd Googles are ideal for war games, skiing, horseback riding, outdoor activities, hunting, and more. They're also perfect for Halloween costumes, welding eye protection, photo props, movie props, and outdoor sports.

The safety Scarlxrd glasses are ideal for men, women, teenagers, children, actors, ravers, cosplayers, and everyone else thanks to the sturdy elastic head strap.

  • Techwear design and Lunarcore, cyberpunk aesthetic
  • Made to last: PVC frame with a single wire mesh lens.
  • Adjustable: a comfortable fit thanks to the adjustable strap.

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