Pain Shirt

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Not only do our clothes contain inspiring humor and sarcasm, but we also promise that the shirt will last you a long time and that the design will not fade or vanish after several washing. With our witty and sarcastic Pain Shirt, you can turn up the volume on your sense of humor. You will never be bored when wearing one of our designs and will feel confident in a discussion. On the front, there's a House of Pain Iron Head Skull print, and on the back, there's a House of Pain Iron Cross circle logo.

  • Designed to keep you comfortable when lifting weights in the gym.
  • For all-day wear, it's ultra-soft and comfy.
  • Fitness from the original House of Pain.

Our goal is to supply you with high-quality daily clothing, including the greatest Shirt.

Before you buy, please check the size data to ensure that your sizes are correct.

Size(cm) Chest Shoulders Length Sleeve
M 116
L 120
XL 124

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