Military Tactical Face Mask

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This Military tactical face mask is high-quality and high-temperature resistant.

Nylon fiber material. It possesses lasting, safe, non-toxic, and tasteless characteristics and anti-slip and shock absorption.

The eyes are transparent PC lenses that shield the eyes and prevent the nose and cheeks from coming into the sand with lovely rubber cushions. Has a stronger impact on gluing and coating. 

Halloween, role-playing, dress-up party, hunting-game, CS-game, and military cosplay are all ideal masks for children, families, and friends. Nose and mouth ventilation openings enable adequate air to circulate in the activities that make you feel cool, comfortable, and durable.

  • Full face design provides additional eye protection and allows a broader field of view.
  • The adjustable, high-quality nylon Elastic strap fits well to different head sizes
  • Mask with innovative material.
  • Warcore outfit and Techwear military fashion

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