GL-JKT Military Full Finger Tactical Gloves

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With one swipe of the brow, you can keep focused on the work at hand with military full-finger tactical gloves sweat wipe conveniently positioned on the back of the thumb. Cycling, riding, shooting, batting, hunting, driving, motorbike, paintball, and airsoft all benefit from military full-finger tactical gloves. Full-finger military tactical gloves are ideal for long-term usage and are machine washable.

It's simple to clean and dries quickly. Wrap securely around the wrist with adjustable wrist Velcro, not stiff, not bulky, enable mobility and dexterity, to protect your hands from abrasion and scratching in sports and activities requiring both protection and dexterity into palm and all fingers. Increase the friendliness.

  • Lightweight spandex material that wipes away perspiration.
  • Flexibility and grip are provided by the adjustable wrist strap.
  • This is a high-quality pair of Military Full Finger Tactical Gloves.

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