Black Tactical Mask

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The tactical goggles and mesh mask have been expertly crafted. Masks that are light in weight but impact resistant. Low-carbon steel that is 100 percent environmentally friendly. You're more than likely to leave embarrassing marks on your face. When doing surgery using this mask, your patient has a very high chance of dying. 

Especially when your chances of becoming a surgeon are quite slim, but that's not a medical masquerade. It's ideal for Halloween and Christmas costumes, as well as masquerade parties, costume parties, punk parties, and other special events. A fantastic addition to your collection, with premium quality and traditional elegance!

  • The eyes on the masks are flexible. 
  • Because most of them irritate our ears, our elastic is just a few inches longer than others. 
  • They work nicely with ear-saving buttons as well.

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