Black Butterfly Hoodie

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This Black Butterfly Hoodie features a lovely butterfly motif and two fashionable pockets.

This Black hoodie with Butterfly designs may be worn alone or with a shirt or slim jeans. Butterfly Hoodie offers a simple, clean design with a pair of monarch butterflies. This Techwear hoodie is appropriate for casual, work, daily wear, parties, homes, and vacations. And if you are looking for a streetwear outfit, wear it with black sneakers and dark cargo pants...

  • Black hoodie design: Techwear Streetwear, Japanese Kawaii
  • Techwear Sweatshirt material: lightweight, flexible and resistant premium materials
  • Features: breathable cotton material
  • Unisex dark hoodie
  • Machine washable: 86 °F (30 °C)
  • Free shipping

Please check the size chart below before ordering!

Shoulders Length Sleeve
M 26.7 / 68 29.9 / 76 24.4 / 62
L 27.5 / 70 30.7 / 78 24.8 / 63
XL 28.3 / 72 31.4 / 80 25.2 / 64

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