Kimono Streetwear

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Kimono Streetwear mixes traditional samurai style and futuristic Techwear style

Streetwear kimono is suitable for a shinobi costume cosplay, a fashion urban ninja look or a casual trendy style. If you love techwear outfit and Japanese streetwear, shop this Kimono. To perform an urban ninja outfits, choose also a black cargo pants, and a long darkwear long sleev shirt. For your techwear accessories, choose a black cyberpunk mask and techwear sneakers.

  • Design: Urban shinobi, Futuristic kimono, Japanese Techwear
  • Material: Cotton
  • Unisex techwear Jacket
  • Sleeves length: 3/4
  • Hand-washed or laundry
  • Free shipping
Shoulders Length
19.3 / 49 28.7 / 73
L 20 / 51 29.5 / 75
20.4 / 52 30.3 / 77
XXL 21.2 / 54 31.1 / 79


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