Sad Beanie

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The beanie hat and cap are handcuffed to all dimensions that may be changed with ease and warmth for men and women. Sad Beanie Keeps the ears warm and keeps you comfortable under your hat. You can test it and give us the impression. The long flared beanies are constructed out of high-grade acrylic material to maintain the quality. 100% acrylic. The capacity to extend enables you to keep it on your head, regardless of shape size. It everything measures 12 centimeters.

The long, straightforward banquettes are specifically designed to keep your head covered so that you do not feel cold in the region. It also covers the ears to give the head region additional attention. You may choose your favorite one from a broad variety of hues or choose from a couple of colors to use your clothing.

  • Convenient for cold winter wear.
  • .When you go to the party you are really fashionable with the crowd and the rain
  • Extending the ability to keep it on your head, regardless of the form size. It's for everyone.

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