Samurai Oni Mask

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Samurai Oni mask with neoprene headband. Perfect black demon mask for cyberpunk and Japanese techwear aesthetic

TPU mask TPU mask is entirely removable owing to Velcro straps on the outer headband and inner mask, and the main material is ecologically friendly.

The Oni samurai Mask protects your lower face, teeth, and nose from BB gun pellets. Perfect for Airsoft or BB Gun competitions, Live CS games, Tactics games, Nerf gun fights, Survival games, Cosplay, Outdoor Parties, Halloween, Costume Balls, and other similar activities.

Samurai Oni Mask Airsoft is perfect for outdoor cosplay costume parties dance Halloween movie props: the Evil Demon Monster, Kabuki mask, Hannya mask, Airsoft.

  • Lightweight, Breathable, refreshing, and Comfortable.
  • Keep your lower face, teeth, and nose safe.
  • Suit for men, women, and teenagers

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