Full Guide to Urban Ninja Outfit

Full guide to Urban ninja outfit

To see an Urban ninja style, several options are possible.... Wear, for example, black waxed skinny jeans, high-top shoes with an intricate lace-up system, an oversized and asymmetrical black hoodie and a shinny monk hood.

If you like avant-garde designers: Like the Garçons or Rick Owens, you'll be pleased. In a more streetwear style, rapper A$AP Rocky is considered an ambassador of ninja techwear style. This post-romantic style mixes punk, indus, ethnic and (Japanese) minimalism.

Please note that this style is not only for the young, but also for old people. If you wish to know more about other style like Warcore outfit, learn more about it consulting our techwear blog

To have an Urban ninja style you need:

  • A ninja techwear jacket
  • A pair of techwear cargo pants 
  • A pair of ankle boots or ninja sneakers (tabi)
  • Ninja accessories like the traditional shinobi mask to protect your identity;

Here's the complete guide to a ninja techwear look...


a women wearing a black techwear kimono and black cap This kimono samurai techwear jacket is light and confortable with a traditional Japanese Style. It is subtly reminiscent of traditional Japanese clothing. With a loose, straight fit, this garment is made from a drop clothe.

This noragi techwear is being embraced by many techwear ninja enthusiasts. It adapts to all morphologies, even the least flattering. To wear it well, you can associate it with a jacket or a blouson. For shoes, it goes with all streetwear style shoes. In the summer, you can take advantage of its sun protection quality for outdoor outings.

If you want to wear it, you recommend to wear it with a black hoodie or a simple tee shirt. This jacket can be worn indoors as well as for your outings with friends.

With this indie piece, you'll always dress with style and aesthetics without putting in the effort to have a techwear style.


Black techwear ninja shoes of an urban ninja outfit

A pair of sneakers with urban ninja style and à innovative design is:

  • breathable
  • no laces
  • no velcro
  • similar to ultra-comfortable slippers.
  • largely high-top
  • they slip on like a sock
  • fits your foot as well as your ankle thanks to a great elasticity

A pair of sneakers with a futuristic design

Entirely black, the ninja techwear shoes possess a soft, resilient and cushioning sole. We wear them to go running in the street, but also for the futuristic techwear and sportswear look they bring.

So slip on a pair of sneakers with your best jogging suit. A pair of techwear ninja can also look like a pair of boots and sneakers with urban, tactical or futuristic style.


shop urban ninja pants for a black techwear outfit

The techwear ninja pants is a great choice for someone who likes the techwear style, streetwear, ninja goth or streetwear Japanese fashion

Lightweight, classic fit, sleeves and hem on the lower legs, the techwear ninja pants for men and women are a must-have item in one's wardrobe.

It is the central element for an ninja urban outfit and streetwear. Versatile and especially enjoyable on a daily basis, the techwear ninja pants bring a wide variety of looks. 

The techwear ninja pants will ideally pair with an all-black outfit and a dark aesthetic. These kinds of pants allow you to quickly sneak in like the most skilled ninja.

They're a great way to keep your head in the game.


White japanese kitsune ninja mask from naruto and Itachi uchiwa manga

To finalize your urban ninja outfit, you need to hide your face like the shinobi ninja from EDO period did. Choose a oni mask with black color for a monochromatic and design look. Shinobi and especially the samurai wore a mempo mask to scare off their enemies during Katana fights...

Or be inspired by the Japanese manga style and wear a kitsune mask. It's a Japanese fox that has great magical powers.

Do you dare a shinobi techwear look inspired by Japan and the legends and powerful gods of Shintoism. In fact, a black techwear outfit with a white kitsune mask will give your techwear photos an even more mysterious style for your photos...