Techwear Brands : top 8 you need to know

techwear brands are famous: acronym, Nike, adidas etc...

In recent years, the call for techwear has become louder and louder. Yet the brands that offer this fashion are still unknown to most. Regardless of this, the trend towards unconventional and interesting solutions is a trend that not only falls on fertile ground among digital nomads.

What is Techwear? 

Techwear is defined by practical and comfortable use. At the same time, it should be stylish and fashionable despite all its functionality. Thus, at first glance, it is not always immediately apparent that the garment is actually techwear, as much resembles what is already known from fashion.

However, Tec Wear is characterized in particular by its usefulness. As materials one finds here highest quality paired with progressive technology. Water repellent, flexible in use, air permeable and with a perfect fit. At the same time, tech wear has to be comfortable and stylish.

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Techwear style: materials and colors

Advanced fabrics are used for the clothes of the trend, which have special technologies. Thus, the creators combine style with practicality. Likewise, the creators relied on a simple design.

Great patterns or color games are not found. The focus of techwear brands is on convenience and comfort in all situations. Protection against the most diverse weather conditions is an important criterion of Techwear. For this purpose, leading technologies and materials are used to create the highest level of safety, reliability and utility.

The basic equipment of the garments includes several layers. Entirely in accordance with the onion principle, these are used as needed, not only to be fashionably dressed, but above all to be adapted to the current weather conditions. The most common technologies and materials used by techwear brands include Gore-Tex, Primaloft and fleece.

Techwear jacket, techwear pants and tactical jacket are becoming more and more popular, as it is ultra-flexible and lightweight at the same time.

Gore-Tex is a windproof, waterproof and water vapor permeable membrane that is also breathable. Likewise, the material is lightweight, can withstand even heavy rain and can be stowed away to save space.

Primaloft is the alternative to conventional down. This material keeps warm very well. Especially when it gets wet, it still has an extremely good thermal performance in contrast to down.

Fleece is like a second layer of warmth. Light as a feather, breathable and it dries quickly. Especially when it gets cold quickly, an extra layer of fleece helps to effectively counteract the cold.

Techwear Brands

The most famous brands of techwear are definitely ACRONYM, Nike ACG and Stone Island.


The label was founded in 1994 by Michaela Sachenbacher and Errolson Hugh as an independent design agency. The focus was on functional clothing with style and technology. Today, ACRONYM is a brand known for its versatile design and highly innovative clothings. The often monochrome product portfolio speaks for itself. In the meantime, the brand has also attracted attention from Nike. Thus, under the together with Errolson Hugh the Nike ACG line was reintroduced.

Nike ACG

Nike All Conditions Gear is a subsidiary of Nike. This produces innovative sportswear and gear for all climates and weather conditions. Nike ACG has been on the market since 1989, debuting with outdoor-oriented sneakers. With the unconventional and non-commercial image, the ACG line focuses on color combinations and quirky silhouettes. Over the decades, it has been able to shape such special models as Air Mada, Air Mowabb and Air Escape. Today, Nike ACG has built a cult following around it.

Stone Island

The Italian brand Stone Island was founded by Massimo Osti. It is known in the scene for the compass patch that can always be found on the upper left sleeve of the designs. The label specializes in the dye treatment and finish of a range of sportswear. These are durable and adapted to the extreme conditions, of all climates. In the production of new designs, Stone Island relies on research and experimentation to create garments that are not only made with a perfect techwear aesthetic design, but also known for high functionality.

Cloudburst Stoker Jacket

In addition to the top dogs of the industry, there are a number of other brands that serve the techwear sector. These include CLOUDBURST, for example. These produce high-tech textiles for everyday wear.

Riot Division

Hailing from Ukraine, Riot Division has taken on the task of designing garments that can be functional even for the military. With that idea in mind, they created garments with predominantly military techwear styles, which give a nice visual effect. In addition, it includes the famous high-tech stitching, bec


Among the newest, we get 4dimension. Created in 2013, this brand has focused on minimalist designs with high quality to maintain durability in its clothing, this is what has brought it the fame it enjoys today.

Deconstruction details and water repellents are some of the best features that the company presents. Based in Taiwan, 4dimension brings that techwear Japanese style that we love so much and is quite well received on this side of the world.oming a flagship of both sportswear and advanced fabrics. They make clothing and bags that integrate seamlessly with techwear style.

Adidas Y-3

This division of adidas, led by Yohji Yamamoto, has greatly aided the growth of sportswear. The idea was to bring Yamamoto's aesthetic to the heart of adidas and boy did it succeed.

KRAKATAU, on the other hand, focuses on functional clothing for the whole family. 

Techwear has not just become a trend. The various brands have in the meantime arrived even at digital nomads, minimalists and outdoor enthusiasts. Stylish, functional and comfortable to wear, the techwear brands present themselves as perfect outfitters for all areas.