Female Techwear outfit: why you should wear it?

Techwear female

Despite popular belief, techwear outfit was already at its peak during the sixties and seventies thanks to the winter sports craze.

For a long time wearing a down jacket like the emblematic model from Montcler was clearly an error of taste. However now, times have changed because many women are adopting the techwear women's style (that has been criticized for a long time).


Moreover, in the 90s, the Hip Hop scene democratized techwear with actors such as Notorious Big, Tupac, or 50Cent and DMX who loved to wear very technical pieces. Such as oversized clothes or big down jackets.

Fashion actors such as Drake or Skepta the famous graffiti artist gave birth to a second life of techwear with a style resembling the "Japanese Techwear" or "Korean Techwear".


The trendy pieces to adopt in the Techwear clothing women style are :

  • Cargo pants,
  • Techwear parkas
  • Technical vests
  • Cyberpunk glasses

We also recommend the down jacket that. You can see more and more and it's not to our displeasure with the iconic model "The North Face 700 Nuptse".

We also find a lot of techwear pants type or baggy which is making its comeback in the fashion trends.


The techwear trend designed for women rhymes with maximum comfort and functional fashion. Very well thought-out and high-end materials are used to combine utility and style in one techoutfit.

All the clothes we sell are light, well thought out so that you can be at ease at any time of your day. With our range of rain gear and specialized clothing for harsh conditions, hiking or facing difficult weather conditions will become a pleasure.

The great thing about techwear is that it can be worn however you like, so everyone can use a piece of techwear to create their own style.

Despite the popular belief, techwear is not a unisex or men-only style, you can explore a multitude of different universes to develop what best suits your personality, a look that is refined to its fullest where you will feel at one with yourself.


Each one of you must have seen Matrix in his childhood, I wanted to propose the same outfits: a very licked side with a breathtaking aestheticism and on the other hand the very technical side with a multitude of function based on technological innovations.

On the Karnagestreetwear online store, you will be able to succumb to very technical pieces for you women like: techwear t-shirts, technical dresses, vests with a multitude of pockets, softshell waterproof jackets...

Therefore if you arrived here it's not a coincidence, you are really at the right place to find the ideal wardrobe to create your own techwear look.