darkwear clothing for a dark techwear outfit

Darkwear is a clothing style with dark colors similar to dark streetwear and techwear outfit. To have a Darkwear look, you have to wear black clothings.

It is possible to have touches of color midnight blue, dark gray.

Darkwear style is very popular on social networks like Tik Tok, Instagram or Pinterest. Indeed, this clothing style is a way of expression for young people who want to show their mysterious identity.

It's quite paradoxical, because influencers seek notoriety but hide their identity with black masks, cyberpunk masks, hoodies, bonnie hats, caps etc..

In fact, Darkwear outfit is perfect for a futuristic, avant-garde and mysterious look. We saw in the blog article on techwear goth outfit article,  how to style this kind of dark outfit? on  But what is the difference between darkwear and techwear? How to choose the right style for your wardrobe?


what is the differences between darkwear vs techwear. 2 girls wearing dark clothings

Techwear and darkwear are new clothing trends with a design and dark aesthetic. It's true that these two styles are similar but there are some differences for these two communities!

The major difference is the clothes functionality. Techwear focuses on the practicality and functionality of the clothes. A Techwear jacket for example has multiple pockets, the fabric will be waterproof and breathable. This type of technical clothing is also used by hikers. From a visual point of view, techwear pants are made with straps, numerous zippers.

Darkwear is a sub-genre of techwear without the "technical clothing" part. It means that the materials are black but not technical.

So how to choose between Darkwear and Techwear?

It depends on your taste, your situation, your style, your desires. If you prefer the practical side of a garment, and you love new technologies in everyday life. We recommend a Techwear set. If you want to take nice pictures on your social networks with a dark aesthetic, then choose a Darkwear set.


a man and a woman wearing techwear brands : black boots, techwear pants, techwear hoodie, and a black tactical hat

Here are our tips for getting a Darkwear look.

As we said earlier in this blog post. The first rule for a Darkwear style is to choose dark colored materials.
Your clothes don't have to be full black. The darkwear sweatshirt or T-shirt often has logos or reflective stripes embroidered on the fabrics.

At Karnage Streetwear, for a darkwear outfit we recommend: Slim Black hoodie, Black sunglasses, Multi-pocketed leggings, Transparent Long hooded raincoat, Black anti-smog mask, and black boots

Then, we recommend you to personnalize your darkwear top or pants. In fact, add black patches, wear black jewelry like chockers for women or leather cuff bracelets for men.

For more dark techwear outfit ideas, have a look to the style below:

a man wearing darkwear clothing
Photo credit @skr_alan 

What is darkwear ? This dark outfit is a subgenre from techwear clothingsPhoto credit : please contact us

man wearing a techwear darkwear pants and a black hoodiePhoto credit @d010930000

darkwear woman with techwear coat, jewels and cargo pantPhoto credit @felvelial

a man and a grirl with darkwear fashionPhoto credit : please contact us

darkwear man with techwear boots, black cargo pants and darkwear jacketPhoto credit : please contact us

A women wearing darkwear pants, long coat and walking in the snowPhoto credit @cata.leyah2

Darkwear fashion is still in creative process. So the only limit is your imagination to choose the cut of the clothes, the design and your darkwear aesthetic.