Cyberpunk Fashion : how do you dress futuristic clothings?

Man with cyberpunk fashion helmet and techwear clothings

As technology advances, new generations adapt to it almost immediately and the same happens with the trends that emerge in the fashion industry.

Such is the case of cyberpunk, a fashion style that revolutionized the catwalks some time ago with outfits that years ago used to be cataloged as "futuristic", but are now a reality.

Designers such as Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Christian Cowan or Kim Jones have been influenced directly or indirectly by the cyberpunk aesthetic, which in turn has taken part in the creation of new fashions such as Techwear.

Cyberpunk fashion dark style finds its main inspiration in a dystopian society, where its inhabitants live very closely with technology.

For the context in which we live, this doesn't sound so far-fetched after all, does it?

Fashion Cyberpunk outfit : futuristic clothings

actor wearing blade runner fashion coatBlade runner fashion

In the mid-1970s, the music industry was rocked by the revolutionary "punk" genre, creating a new subculture that in turn had a big impact on the fashion industry.

Capes, leather, jeans, outlandish hairstyles are just a sample of this style that produces controversy when it comes to be defined. The fact is that cyberpunk can manifest itself in different ways that respond to the individuality of each follower of the genre.

The term was coined by American author Bruce Bethke in his science fiction novel Cyberpunk (1983) and was later used to refer to a sub-genre of literature. However, this genre has evolved and spread, generating a broad cultural impact.

Fashion is an industry that constantly influences society and vice versa. Cyberpunk as fashion is no exception to this rule. Today you can see how the catwalks seem to be inspired by movies like Mad Max (1979), Blade Runner (1982), The Matrix (1999), or even comics like The Long Tomorrow (1975) or novels like Neuromancer (1984). The way of dressing that seemed to be limited to the cosplay world is no longer so exclusive nowadays.

Companies such as Apple have been pioneers in introducing stylish technological products to the market as fashion accessories in today's society. In fact, this company partnered with the sports company Nike to develop a version of the iconic Apple Watch, called Apple Watch Nike.

Cyberpunk fashion in the media

Neo and trinity with matrix fashion style, black glasses and black long coatMatrix fashion

If we talk about movies and series, it is important to mention some names behind costumes that have influenced the cyberpunk genre.

The list is long, but we could name John Mollo, Clare Griffin,Robert Flecther, Michael Kaplan, Hilary Wright, Erica Edell Phillips, Charles Knode, Marlene Stewart, Kym Barrett, Madali Guidasci, Eulyn Womble, Michele Clapton, Judianna Makovsky, Alexandra Byrne, Renée April among many others who have contributed to the genre.

In addition, sagas such as :

  • Mad Max,
  • The Terminator
  • The Hunger Games
  • Judge Dredd

Cyberpunk movies have marked fashion in a unique way and the designers behind these productions have shaped their visions of dressing in the midst of dystopias. These have spread through the generations over the years, giving birth to amazing aesthetic products, such as coats, masks, visors, boots, among others.

On the other hand, cyberpunk is fed in an important way by diverse Asian cultures, where manga and anime have special relevance. In addition, the world of video games has also found inspiration in this genre to create interesting and surprising stories.

In fact, one of the most eagerly awaited by fans is Cyberpunk 2077, a game by CD Projekt that will be released on November 19. It takes place in a dystopian society called Night City, California, where one of the characteristics of the genre that inspires its name is evident: the way its characters dress.

High fashion inspired by a simple way of life

cyberpunk mask for techwear, warcore and dystopian fashion aesthetic

Major fashion houses have presented collections inspired by cyberpunk attire. Such is the case of Dior's 1999 haute couture fall collection, led by controversial designer John Galliano and inspired by the movie The Matrix (1999). Leather, long coats and dark colors were the protagonists of the catwalk. It is striking to see how a trend inspired by a precarious lifestyle is present in fashion shows worldwide.

Similarly, cyberpunk has not only had a leading role on the catwalks, but also makes use of creativity to shine in other scenarios. In this sense, high fashion designers have been hired for major film projects, such as Paco Rabanne working with Jacques Fonteray for the film Barbarella (1968) or Jean-Paul Gaultier designing the costumes for The Fifth Element (1997).

Cyberpunk outfit today

a woman wearing a cyberpunk 2077 fashion bomber coat and a gunCyberpunk 2077 fashion

Today cyberpunk fashion goes beyond the look of the garments or what they seek to communicate. The focus now is on producing carefully researched materials that are waterproof, breathable, sustainable and provide protection for the wearer. Likewise, trends and avant-gardes are increasingly mixed and clothing also responds to the times that a society faces.

Currently, masks and visors are no longer just items to prevent the spread of a virus; they have become fashion accessories, as happened with the Apple Watch.

It has also been applied to the aesthetics and automation of various types of prosthetic parts, which generates a meeting between medicine, industrial design, technology and fashion. Therefore, seeing human beings with picturesque robotic parts is no longer a thing of movies or comics only.

Dystopian cyberpunk and Techwear

3 persons wearing dystopian cyberpunk fashion

Some cyberpunk outfits look like uniforms, others look like cosplays taken from the San Diego Comic-Con and others even look like they came off the runway of RuPaul's Drag Race. In addition, cyberpunk also influences the style of numerous celebrities who give it a twist of their own, while borrowing aspects of other aesthetic languages. Lady Gaga has cyberpunk aesthetic for some songs...

Definitely, cyberpunk is a genre that still has a story to tell and outfits to show. Its transcendence has been so great that even those who were never involved with punk culture have incorporated garments inspired by it into their closets. In times of social networks, video calls, virtual shopping and artificial intelligence, the lines, the layers and the extravagance are now visible beyond the big screen and the catwalks, becoming present in the daily life of the streets.